Faculty CV Clinic – Nov. 29

Thursday, Nov. 29, 10:00-11:30 am

Intended for: UCSD administrative and faculty assistants in the physical sciences and engineering who are responsible for updating faculty CVs and biographies.

Learn ways to find out when and where your faculty is publishing, and who is citing their papers. By setting up author alerts in article databases available through the UCSD Libraries, you can be notified every time a new paper by your faculty is published. You can even find out how many times their papers have been cited by other authors.

Topics covered include:

* The Web of Science Database – what is it?
* Discover other article databases appropriate to your discipline
* How to set up author alerts (be notified by email every time your faculty publishes a new paper)
* How to do a cited reference search (find out what other scholars are citing your faculty’s papers)
* How to find out a journal’s “Impact Factor”, or the measure of its importance relative to other journals in the same field

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