How to get to Springer ebooks and journals

The new platform for Springer e-books, e-journals and reference works is experiencing problems as far as permitting University of California to read all the materials we have purchased/licensed. Here’s what to do to read a book chapter or journal article that asks you to pay instead of opening the pdf:

The workaround is to use the old Springer site.

  1. Click through to the online content on the new platform (from the journal or book record in the UCSD catalog or from UCelinks including article links); the URLs for the new platform all begin with
  2. Click the Access old SpringerLink link in the gray banner on the right side of the screen.
  3. Once at the old platform (the URLs for the old platform all begin with you’ll need to browse or search for the journal title or for the book title.  Use quotes around the title to be more precise.
  4. Once on the journal’s homepage, you should be able to access the online content.

Update- January 2013:
Some of the e-book links in the catalog that ought to go directly to the e-book end up being diverted to the main new Springer site.  For those, just re-enter the book title in the Springer search box.  If the new site doesn’t allow you to open the pdf’s, follow the instructions above to find the e-book on the old SpringerLink site.

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