Inorganic Crystal Structure Database: Updated

The Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSDWeb) has a new look, a new interface, and a new URL: As of this week, the old interface for ICSDWeb is no longer available.

Among the many changes: you are no longer routed through the demo version before getting to the full database; from the homepage you will have immediate access to this collection of +120,000 crystal structures:

  • 1400 crystal structures of the elements
  • 22,900 records for binary compounds
  • 42,500 records for ternary compounds
  • 45,000 records for quarternary and quintenary compounds

When you start, you should see this at the top: Welcome to ICSDWeb. IP Authenticated; your IP address… The login option at the left is optional. You can create a personalized account to store your search queries.

Note: the full-text link accompanying the bibliographic record goes out to Google Scholar, searching on the first author and year of article. This is a very vague search, so if you do not see your article on the first page results copy and paste the article title into Google Scholar and search on that. If that doesn’t work, search Roger for the journal title to verify online access or check print holdings.

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