IEEE Spectrum Feature: The Singularity

Looking for some interesting reading this week, or while you’re taking a break next week during finals? Check out this month’s IEEE Spectrum feature on “The Singularity.”

This is the idea that, as a consequence of exponentially accelerating technological innovation and continuously self-improving artificial intelligence, computer power will outstrip human brainpower, leading to the end of human culture as we know it. Not a century from now, mind you, but somewhere between 2030 and 2045, depending on whom you talk to. — from Un-assuming The Singularity

You’ll find articles from science fiction author/SDSU emeritus professor Vernor Vinge (Signs of the Singularity), Caltech’s Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi (Can Machines Be Conscious?), and University of Sheffield’s Richard A. L. Jones (Rupturing the Nanotech Rapture), among others. The articles and accompanying videos are free, and UCSD affiliates can also access the entire IEEE Spectrum issue via IEEE Explore.