Knovel – New Interface, and problems

Last week, Knovel released a new interface (the old URL now redirects to the new site, as do the links in Roger for all the Knovel titles).

    Major Changes:

  • The new site defaults to Basic Search, with the actual search box in the upper left. The Fielded Search is the advanced search where you can use the drop-down menus to search by keyword or property. The Browse tab will bring up the familiar list of subject areas that you can click to bring up lists of titles, as well as view new titles, titles with productivity tools, etc. User Preferences is not yet available.
  • The “Search Within This Title” feature has disappeared. We have already contacted Knovel about bringing it back.

There have been some performance issues with the new interface, though most of them appear to be resolved as of March 2. However, please contact if you experience any problems using Knovel, such as:

  • The redirect to the new site takes too long.
  • You get error messages when you try to access tables and graphs identified in your search results.
  • You lose your list of relevant pages, tables and graphs while navigating through the list of titles that came up in your search, and instead get the full table of contents for those titles.

Please contact the S&E Library if you have questions about using Knovel or other science/engineering resources.