Merck Index (online)

The Merck Index is now available to UCSD users. The print index has long been a core resource for basic chemical, property and use information (with literature references) on significant chemicals, drugs and biological substances. Now online, you have remote access to Merck, plus numerous ways to search the database, including name, registry number, and structure/substructure.

You will need the ChemDraw plugin to use the structure editor, which is available for download on the Merck site. For now, users will need to register to get that download.

The Merck Index contains 10,955 monographs describing significant chemicals, drugs, and biological substances. Each monograph includes core literature references relating to physical properties, isolation and/or synthesis, toxicity, pharmacology and therapeutic uses. Additional information includes CAS Registry Numbers, molecular formula and weight, chemical structure, derivatives and trademarks. The database can be searched by many of these fields, as well as by structure or substructure (ChemDraw plugin required). Also includes Organic Name Collections (concise descriptions and histories of 446 named reactions) and 60 pages of additional tables.

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