Nanotechnologies for the Life Sciences – Now Online

Nanotechnologies for the Life Sciences is now available online at UCSD, purchased with funding from the Friends of the UCSD Libraries.

This is a multi-volume reference work of authoritative articles on nanoscale materials and their applications in the biological and health sciences, including including nanodevices, diagnostics, pharaceuticals; biosensors; cancer diagnosis/therapy; toxicity/environmental issues; tissue, cell & organ engineering.  You can search the full-text by keyword, browse an A-Z list of articles or browse by topic:

  • Biofunctionalization of Nanomaterials
  • Biological and Pharmaceutical Nanomaterials
  • Magnetic Nanomaterials
  • Metallic Nanomaterials
  • Mixed Metal Nanomaterials
  • Nanodevices for Life Sciences
  • Nanomaterials for Biosensors
  • Nanomaterials for Cancer Diagnosis
  • Nanomaterials for Cancer Therapy
  • Nanomaterials for Medical Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Nanomaterials – Toxicity, Health and Environmental Issues
  • Nanostructured Oxides
  • Nanostructured Thin Films and Surfaces
  • Nanosystem Characterization Tools in Life Sciences
  • Semiconductor Nanomaterials
  • Tissue, Cell and Organ Engineering
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