New CRCnetBASE interface, and broken links in Roger

As of February 15, 2010, the CRCnetBASEs have a new single interface for all of the collections except CHEMnetBASE (CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics, Combined Chemical Dictionary, etc.). You can see the new interface at Although the new interface appears to resolve many of the problems that occurred when users access the full text chapters, University of California users will currently experience the following behavior:

  • Any links that used to go directly to a specific netBASE collection are now directed to the single home page shown above. The one exception is CHEMnetBASE, which continues as in the past. The CHEMnetBASE page will undergo some updating, but current plans are for CHEMnetBase to remain on its own separate domain.
  • The new home page lists all CRCnetBASE collections and titles, both what we have licensed and what we have not. When looking at the chapter level, chapters in licensed titles have green checks to the left and chapters in non-licensed titles have locks. It is possible when searching to specify to ‘Search Full Access Content Only’ to restrict search results to licensed content; however, it is not the default.
  • Many or all URLs to CRCnetBASE books have been changed as part of this migration and are not being redirected to their new location. As a result, this has broken the links from our library catalog to the individual books.

CDL is working to resolve these issues. We will continue checking over the new interface and welcome any assistance. If you find additional problems or have questions, please contact Deborah Kegel,

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