New Melvyl Catalog Goes Live June 24

On June 24, 2011, the current Melvyl catalog will be retired as the University of California Libraries move to the Next-Generation Melvyl (NGM) search tool, powered by OCLC’s WorldCat Local database:

NGM, released as a pilot in April 2008 and available for use since then, will become the primary tool for one-stop searching of the UC Libraries’ holdings, including selected full-text articles, ebooks, digital content, and archival information, as well as items from research institutions throughout the world.

NGM also provides easy-to-use links to ebooks and the Request feature, which allows users to retrieve some titles immediately or order them via interlibrary loan.  Also featured in the new Melvyl are embedded tools for citing and exporting citations and creating and sharing lists. Users can also ask reference questions via the “Chat with a Librarian” feature.

More information about NGM, which features many new search, retrieval, and content management options, can be found at:

After June 24, Next-Gen Melvyl (NGM) will be referred to as Melvyl.

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