New Printing System in S&E

This week, S&E is changing from our current debit card system for printing and copying to an account-based system, with the other libraries to follow in the coming days.

More information about the new printing/copying card system.

  • UCSD affiliates: you will use your campus photo ID or departmental cards in the libraries; you will no longer need a separate card just for the library equipment.  Students: this change does not affect the ACS computers in S&E, and you’ll still use your student printing accounts for those computers.
  • Non-UCSD users: you will continue to be able to print and copy using guest cards.

For six months after the new system is installed, we will have stations available to transfer value from your old Imprints debit cards to the new system.

Advantages of the new system:

  • Students, Faculty, Staff and Affiliates may use their Campus Photo ID to access departmental index numbers and personal print accounts and will no longer have to carry another card for library printing and copying. However, you will need to have your card with you and make sure the magnetic strip isn’t damaged.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, you can cancel it and not lose your money. The value will be transferred to your new card.
  • Departments will have more flexibility for giving authorized users the ability to print/copy on index numbers.
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