New Reaxys Interface

Elsevier has released a new interface for Reaxys, one of our core databases for chemical information–particularly synthesis and property data. There’s a link to the new interface in the upper right corner of the screen, and you can move between versions. However, you will lose whatever you’re currently working on.

We will have access to both versions until June 1, at which time Elsevier will shut down the old interface

A brief video and overview of the major changes are available here. You can also register for a 45-minute webinar.

Major changes:

  • Expanded content to include more journals as well as conference proceedings, editorials, books and other document types. They have also expanded the scope beyond the core chemistry journals to include engineering, pharmacology, life sciences. etc.
  • Streamlined query form. Search by substance/reaction, substance identifier, or literature. Or by data (reaction, physical, spectra, bioactivity, natural product) using the available search forms. And the indexes are still there you can the browse the available options for any field.
  • Analyze your search results as histograms, from reagents and product yield to the authors and journals.
  • An Autoplan option to automate some of the work in creating synthesis plans, including retrieval of multiple alternate plans.
  • You copy results (identification and structures, reactions, citations, data facts, synthesis plans) to a report that you can email.

If you have questions about the new interface or using Reaxys, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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