New Science & Engineering E-Books (Wiley)

What you can do with Wiley e-books:

  • Access on-campus or off-campus 24/7 (UCSD faculty, staff and students should use protected wifi on-campus, or proxy/VPN off-campus)
  • Search full-text or browse chapters
  • Save and/or print chapters as PDFs
  • Not worry about blocked access because someone else is currently using the book. No one-user-at-a-time limits with these.

Here’s a list of some recent Wiley e-books acquired for the physical sciences and engineering. If there is a Wiley title (John Wiley, Wiley-Blackwell, Wiley-VCH, etc.) you’re interested in, please contact your subject librarian (Deborah Kegel, Dave Schmitt or Teri Vogel).

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