Structural Engineering Articles, UCSD

Recent publications from faculty in the UC San Diego Department of Structural Engineering:

Akkerman, I., Bazilevs, Y., Kees, C. E., and Farthing, M. W. (2011). “Isogeometric analysis of free-surface flow.” Journal of Computational Physics, 230(11), 4137-4152.

Huson, P., Asaro, R. J., Stewart, L., and Hegemier, G. A. (2011). “Non-explosive methods for simulating blast loading of structures with complex geometries.” International Journal of Impact Engineering, 38(7), 546-557.

Lu, W., Kim, T., Han, A., Chen, X., and Qiao, Y. (2011). “Effects of electric field on confined electrolyte in a hexagonal mesoporous silica.” Journal of Chemical Physics, 134(20).

Luco, J. E., Ozcelik, O., Conte, J. P., and Mendoza, L. H. (2011). “Experimental study of the dynamic interaction between the foundation of the NEES/UCSD Shake Table and the surrounding soil: Reaction block response.” Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 31(7), 954-973.

Okail, H. O., Shing, P. B., McGinley, W. M., Klingner, R. E., Jo, S., and McLean, D. I. (2011). “Shaking-table tests of a full-scale single-story masonry veneer wood-frame structure.” Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, 40(5), 509-530.

Raychowdhury, P., and Hutchinson, T. C. (2011). “Performance of seismically loaded shearwalls on nonlinear shallow foundations.” International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, 35(7), 846-858.

Shoele, K., Prowell, I., Zhu, Q., and Elgamal, A. (2011). “Dynamic and Structural Modeling of a Floating Wind Turbine.” International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering, 21(2), 155-160.

Xu, B., Qiao, Y., Li, Y., Zhou, Q., and Chen, X. (2011). “An electroactuation system based on nanofluids.” Applied Physics Letters, 98(22).

Zhu, Q. (2011). “Optimal frequency for flow energy harvesting of a flapping foil.” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 675, 495-517.

Barbato, M., and Conte, J. P. (2011). “Structural Reliability Applications of Nonstationary Spectral Characteristics.” Journal of Engineering Mechanics-ASCE, 137(5), 371-382.

Bartoli, I., Salamone, S., Phillips, R., di Scalea, F. L., and Sikorsky, C. S. (2011). “Use of Interwire Ultrasonic Leakage to Quantify Loss of Prestress in Multiwire Tendons.” Journal of Engineering Mechanics-ASCE, 137(5), 324-333.

Hsu, M.-C., and Bazilevs, Y. (2011). “Blood vessel tissue prestress modeling for vascular fluid-structure interaction simulation.” Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 47(6), 593-599.

Kees, C. E., Akkerman, I., Farthing, M. W., and Bazilevs, Y. (2011). “A conservative level set method suitable for variable-order approximations and unstructured meshes.” Journal of Computational Physics, 230(12), 4536-4558.

Lu, W., Kim, T., Punyamurtula, V. K., Han, A., and Qiao, Y. (2011). “Effects of addition of potassium chloride and ethylene glycol on nanofluidic behaviors.” Journal of Materials Science, 46(11), 4053-4057.

Lu, W., Punyamurtula, V. K., and Qiao, Y. (2011). “An energy absorption system based on carbon nanotubes and non-aqueous liquid.” International Journal of Materials Research, 102(5), 587-590.

Xu, B., Liu, L., Zhou, Q., Qiao, Y., Xu, J., Li, Y., Tak, M., Park, T., and Chen, X. (2011). “Energy Dissipation of Nanoporous MFI Zeolite Under Dynamic Crushing.” Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, 8(5), 881-886.

Xu, B., Qiao, Y., Zhou, Q., and Chen, X. (2011). “Effect of Electric Field on Liquid Infiltration into Hydrophobic Nanopores.” Langmuir, 27(10), 6349-6357.

Zhu, Q., Moser, M., and Kemp, P. (2011). “Numerical analysis of a unique mode of locomotion: vertical climbing by Pacific lamprey.” Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, 6(1).

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I have a BA undergraduate degree in Architecture. I’d love to get into structural engineer columbia sc but unsure how to go about it. Can I get a Msc with an undergraduate BA?

On December 10, 2014, 11:41 AM Vogel, Teri said:

You should contact the Structural Engineering Dept for question about admissions.

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