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Recent publications from faculty in the UCSD Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering:

Aragues R, Cortes J, Sagues C. 2011. Distributed consensus algorithms for merging feature-based maps with limited communication. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 59(3-4):163-180.

Cheong S, Bitmead RR. 2011. Instability detection of ARMA systems based on AR system identification. Systems & Control Letters 60(3):185-191.

Childress S, Spagnolie SE, Tokieda T. 2011. A bug on a raft: recoil locomotion in a viscous fluid. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 669:527-556.

Krstic M. 2011. Dead-Time Compensation for Wave/String PDEs. Journal of Dynamic Systems Measurement and Control-Transactions of the Asme 133(3).

Lahiri I, Lahiri D, Jin SH, Agarwal A, Choi W. 2011. Carbon Nanotubes: How Strong Is Their Bond with the Substrate? ACS Nano 5(2):780-787.

Lal R, Ramachandran S, Arnsdorf MF. 2010. Multidimensional Atomic Force Microscopy: A Versatile Novel Technology for Nanopharmacology Research. AAPS Journal 12(4):716-728.

Lauga E. 2011. Life around the scallop theorem. Soft Matter 7(7):3060-3065.

Lave M, Kleissl J. 2011. Optimum fixed orientations and benefits of tracking for capturing solar radiation in the continental United States. Renewable Energy 36(3):1145-1152.

Nemat-Nasser S, Willis JR, Srivastava A, Amirkhizi AV. 2011. Homogenization of periodic elastic composites and locally resonant sonic materials. Physical Review B 83(10).

Urzay J, Nayagam V, Williams FA. 2011. Theory of the propagation dynamics of spiral edges of diffusion flames in von Karman swirling flows. Combustion and Flame 158(2):255-272.

Wang P, Tartakovsky DM. 2011. Reduced complexity models for probabilistic forecasting of infiltration rates. Advances in Water Resources 34(3):375-382.

Zhu MH, Martinez S. 2011. On the Convergence Time of Asynchronous Distributed Quantized Averaging Algorithms. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 56(2):386-390.

Bosze EJ, Hirata GA, McKittrick J. 2011. An analysis of Y(2)O(3 center dot)Eu(3+) thin films for thermographic phosphor applications. Journal of Luminescence 131(1):41-48.

de Callafon RA, Graham G. 2011. Desperately Seeking Sensor. IEEE Control Systems Magazine 31(1):16-+.

Elfring GJ, Lauga E. 2011. Passive hydrodynamic synchronization of two-dimensional swimming cells. Physics of Fluids 23(1).

Liu AR, Bitmead RR. 2011. Stochastic observability in network state estimation and control. Automatica 47(1):65-78.

Lubarda VA. 2011a. Emission of dislocations from nanovoids under combined loading. International Journal of Plasticity 27(2):181-200.

Lubarda VA. 2011b. Image force on a straight dislocation emitted from a cylindrical void. International Journal of Solids and Structures 48(5):648-660.

Lubarda VA. 2011c. Radial stretching of a thin hollow membrane: biaxial tension, tension field and buckling domains. Acta Mechanica 217(3-4):317-334.

Markenscoff X. 2011. Comment on “Dynamic Peierls-Nabarro equations for elastically isotropic crystals”. Physical Review B 83(5).

Rodriguez-Rodriguez J, Marugan-Cruz C, Aliseda A, Lasheras JC. 2011. Dynamics of large turbulent structures in a steady breaker. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 35(2):301-310.

Spagnolie SE, Lauga E. 2011. Comparative Hydrodynamics of Bacterial Polymorphism. Physical Review Letters 106(5).

Sriram K, Vazquez BYS, Yalcin O, Johnson PC, Intaglietta M, Tartakovsky DM. 2011. The Effect of Small Changes in Hematocrit on Nitric Oxide Transport in Arterioles. Antioxidants & Redox Signaling 14(2):175-185.

Tartakovsky DM, Broyda S. 2011. PDF equations for advective-reactive transport in heterogeneous porous media with uncertain properties. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 120-21:129-140.

Zauscher MD, Moore MJK, Lewis GS, Hering SV, Prather KA. 2011. Approach for Measuring the Chemistry of Individual Particles in the Size Range Critical for Cloud Formation. Analytical Chemistry 83(6):2271-2278.

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