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Recent articles authored or co-authored by faculty in the UC San Diego Department of Physics.

Bauler P, Huber G, Leyh T, McCammon JA. 2010. Channeling by Proximity: The Catalytic Advantages of Active Site Colocalization Using Brownian Dynamics. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 1(9):1332-1335.

Cross JO, Newville M, Maranville BB, Bordel C, Hellman F, Harris VG. 2010. Evidence for nanoscale two-dimensional Co clusters in CoPt3 films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 22(14).

Evans AA, Spagnolie SE, Lauga E. 2010. Stokesian jellyfish: viscous locomotion of bilayer vesicles. Soft Matter 6(8):1737-1747.

Fogler MM, Neto AHC, Guinea F. 2010. Effect of external conditions on the structure of scrolled graphene edges. Physical Review B 81(16).

Kim ED, Truex K, Xu XD, Sun B, Steel DG, Bracker AS, Gammon D, Sham LJ. 2010. Fast Spin Rotations by Optically Controlled Geometric Phases in a Charge-Tunable InAs Quantum Dot. Physical Review Letters 104(16).

Prasad S, Jiang Z, Sprung M, Sinha SK, Dhinojwala A. 2010. Effect of Surface Freezing on Meniscus Relaxation in Side Chain Comb Polymers. Physical Review Letters 104(13).

Schafgans AA, LaForge AD, Dordevic SV, Qazilbash MM, Padilla WJ, Burch KS, Li ZQ, Komiya S, Ando Y, Basov DN. 2010. Towards a Two-Dimensional Superconducting State of La2-xSrxCuO4 in a Moderate External Magnetic Field. Physical Review Letters 104(15).

Volman V, Perc M. 2010. Fast random rewiring and strong connectivity impair subthreshold signal detection in excitable networks. New Journal of Physics 12.

Be’er A, Ariel G, Kalisman O, Helman Y, Sirota-Madi A, Zhang HP, Florin EL, Payne SM, Ben-Jacob E, Swinney HL. 2010. Lethal protein produced in response to competition between sibling bacterial colonies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107(14):6258-6263.

Berkowitz AE, Hong JI, McCall SK, Shipton E, Chan KT, Leo T, Smith DJ. 2010. Refining the exchange anisotropy paradigm: Magnetic and microstructural heterogeneity at the Permalloy-CoO interface. Physical Review B 81(13).

Butch NP, Maple MB. 2010. The suppression of hidden order and the onset of ferromagnetism in URu2Si2 via Re substitution. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 22(16).

Csaki C, Perez G, Surujon Z, Weiler A. 2010. Flavor alignment via shining in Randall-Sundrum models. Physical Review D 81(7).

Cooke J, Berrier JC, Barton EJ, Bullock JS, Wolfe AM. 2010. Lyman break galaxy close and interacting pairs at z similar to 3. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 403(2):1020-1035.

Dwyer JG, Norris JR, Ruckstuhl C. 2010. Do climate models reproduce observed solar dimming and brightening over China and Japan? Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 115, D00K08.

Hecht I, Kessler DA, Levine H. 2010. Transient Localized Patterns in Noise-Driven Reaction-Diffusion Systems. Physical Review Letters 104(15).

Kovylina M, Erekhinsky M, Morales R, Schuller IK, Labarta A, Batlle X. 2010. The fabrication of ordered arrays of exchange biased Ni/FeF2 nanostructures. Nanotechnology 21(17).

Lewis JH, Li RJ, Watkins WT, Lawson JD, Segars WP, Cervino LI, Song WY, Jiang SB. 2010. Markerless lung tumor tracking and trajectory reconstruction using rotational cone-beam projections: a feasibility study. Physics in Medicine and Biology 55(9):2505-2522.

Pershin YV, Di Ventra M. 2010. Memristive circuits simulate memcapacitors and meminductors. Electronics Letters 46(7):517-518.

Prada E, San-Jose P, Leon G, Fogler MM, Guinea F. 2010. Singular elastic strains and magnetoconductance of suspended graphene. Physical Review B 81(16).

Roy D. 2010. Few-photon optical diode. Physical Review B 81(15).

Slebarski A, Maple MB, Fijalkowski M, Goraus J. 2010. Specific heat and magnetic susceptibility of CeNiSn doped with Rh. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 22(16).

source: Web of Science.

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