Origami contest winners

S&E’s origami contest was a success!  The entries were impressive, all of them showing skill and creativity.  You can see photos of all the entries here.

Grand Prize — Sarah Oliason for “Dimpled Model with Curls”

Applications Category — Laura Widholm for “Hidden Heart Box”

Open Category
1st Place — Nick Oldberg for Dodecahedron with Five Equilateral Pyramids on Each Pentagonal Face”
2nd Place — Sarah Oliason for “Dimpled Model with Curls”
3rd Place — Laura Widholm for “Florist’s Dozen”
Honorable Mention — Hyunjin Cha for “Many Roses”
Librarian’s Favorite — Julie Dang for “Book Owl”

Original Category
1st Place — Anna Ly for “Blue Heart”
2nd Place — Reiney Adams for “Rorschach Origami 2: 1 Blind Mouse and the Farmer’s Wife”
3rd Place — Lynne Swerhone for “Diving Penguin”


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On May 31, 2013, 11:03 AM Chris said:

Congrats to the winner! The Pentagonal Pyramid by Oldberg looks incredible as well.

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