Comprehensive Biotechnology (new)

This year, we added Science Direct’s (Elsevier) Comprehensive Biotechnology to our collection of online science and engineering reference works.

Comprehensive Biotechnology presents up-to-date and essential entries on the principles and practice of biotechnology. The integration of the latest relevant science and industry practice with fundamental biotechnology concepts is presented with entries from internationally recognized world-leaders in their given fields. With two volumes covering basic fundamentals, and four volumes of applications, from environmental biotechnology and safety to medical biotechnology and healthcare, this work serves the needs of newcomers as well as established experts combining the latest relevant science and industry practice in a manageable format.

Volumes and sections:

  1. Scientific Fundamentals of Biotechnology (51 chapters) – The Biochemical Basis; The Biological Basis; The Genetic Basis; Systems Biology; The Metabolic Basis; The Biophysical Basis; The Computational Basis; Analysis and Control
  2. Engineering Fundamentals of Biotechnology (75 chapters) – Underlying Principles; Upstream Processing; Bioreactors: A. Design; Bioreactors: B. Application; Bioreactions and Bioreactor Operation; Downstream Processing and Product Recovery; Process Considerations; Other Considerations
  3. Industrial Biotechnology and Commodity Products (61 chapters) – Bulk Commodities: A. Industrial Enzymes; Bulk Commodities: B. Biofuels and Bioenergy; Bulk Commodities: C. Bio-Based Chemicals; Bulk Commodities: D. Biomaterials; Healthcare Products: A. Small Molecules; Healthcare Products: B. Biologics; Food Ingredients; Other Considerations
  4. Agricultural and Related Biotechnologies (65 chapters) – Plant Systems; Animal Systems; Food Systems; Intergration of Biotechnologies; Socio-Economic Considerations
  5. Medical Biotechnology and Healthcare (56 chapters) – Enabling Technologies; Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell Therapy; Biopharmaceuticals, in vitro Drug Testing and Drug Delivery; Artificial Organs and Life Support Devices
  6. Environmental Biotechnology and Safety (55 chapters) – Industrial and Toxic Wastes; Municipal Wastes; Wastes from Agriculture, Forestry and Food Processing; Other Considerations
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Comprehensive Biophysics (new)

This year, we added Science Direct’s (Elsevier) Comprehensive Biophysics to our collection of online science and engineering reference works.

Comprehensive Biophysics provides definitive introductions to a broad array of topics, uniting different areas of biophysics research – from the physical techniques for studying macromolecular structure to protein folding, muscle and molecular motors, cell biophysics, bioenergetics and more. The result is this comprehensive scientific resource – a valuable tool both for helping researchers come to grips quickly with material from related biophysics fields outside their areas of expertise, and for reinforcing their existing knowledge.

Volumes and sample chapters:

  1. Biophysical Techniques for Structural Characterization of Macromolecules – X-Ray Crystallography: Crystallization; Solid State NMR Methods; Computation of Structure, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics of Proteins; Optical Spectroscopy; Fluorescence and FRET: Theoretical Concepts 101
  2. Biophysical Techniques for Characterization of Cells – Confocal Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy; Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy; The Basics and Potential of Single-Molecule Tracking in Cellular Biophysics
  3. The Folding of Proteins and Nucleic Acids – Energetics of Protein Folding; Chaperones and Protein Folding; Protein Switches; The Folding of Repeat Proteins; Effect of Protein Binding on RNA Folding
  4. Molecular Motors and Motility – Mechanical Properties of Actin Networks; Myosin Motors: Structural Aspects and Functionality; Spectroscopic Probes of Muscle Proteins; Kinesin Structure and Biochemistry; Viral DNA Packaging Motors
  5. Membranes – Biophysics of Membranes; Lipid Bilayer Structure; Atomic Force Microscopy and Electron Microscopy of Membrane Proteins; Membrane Recruitment of Signaling Domains; Biophysics of Membrane Fusion; Computer Simulation of Membrane Dynamics
  6. Channels – Gating Dynamics of the Potassium Channel Pore; Biophysics of TRP Channels; Biophysics of Ceramide Channels
  7. Cell Biophysics – Biophysics of Cell-Matrix Adhesion; Biophysics of Bacterial Cell Growth and Division; Biophysics of Nuclear Organization and Dynamics; Bacterial Organization in Space and Time
  8. Bioenergetics – Ion Electrochemical Gradients, Roles and Measurements; Electron Transfer Chains: Structures, Mechanisms and Energy Coupling; Light Capture in Photosynthesis; Structural and Mechanistic Aspects of Mitochondrial Transport Proteins
  9. Simulation and Modelling – New Technologies for Molecular Dynamics Simulations; G Protein Coupled Receptors; Molecular Electrostatics and Solvent Effects; Modeling of Interaction Networks in the Cell; Systems Immunology: A Primer for Biophysicists
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Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites (new)

This year, we added Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites to our collection of online science and engineering reference works.

The Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites, Second Edition presents over 265 new and revised articles addressing the new technological advances in properties, processing, formulation, design, analysis, evaluation, manufacture, testing, and reliability of composites.  The entire range of industrial applications of composites is covered.

Among the articles you’ll find:

  • Automotive Composites
  • Biodegradable Composites
  • Carbon Fiber: Properties, Testing, and Analysis
  • Electrical and Electronic Composites
  • Design with Composites
  • Helicopter Composite Materials Applications: Rotors
  • Marine Composites
  • Metal Matrix Composites: Design Methodology
  • Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites
  • Smart Structures
  • Spacecraft Structures: Development
  • Thermophysical and Thermal Expansion Properties
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New University of California Open Access Policy

From the University of California Office of Scholarly Communication:

The Academic Senate of the University of California passed an Open Access Policy on July 24, 2013, ensuring that future research articles authored by faculty at all 10 campuses of UC will be made available to the public at no charge.

The policy covers more than 8,000 UC faculty and as many as 40,000 publications a year. By granting a license to the University of California prior to any contractual arrangement with publishers, faculty members can now make their research widely and publicly available, re-use it for various purposes, or modify it for future research publications.

Faculty on three campuses (UCLA, UCI and UCSF) will begin depositing articles in eScholarship on November 1, 2013. Progress on deposit implementation will be reviewed during the following year. Deposit of articles by faculty on the remaining campuses is expected to begin on November 1, 2014.


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Recent UCSD NanoEngineering Publications

Recent articles from the UC San Diego Department of NanoEngineering:

Acharya, C. K., Jiang, F. C., Liao, C. H., Fitzgerald, P., Vecchio, K. S. & Cattolica, R. J. 2013. Tar and CO2 removal from simulated producer gas with activated carbon and charcoal. Fuel Processing Technology, 106, 201-208.

Gao, B., Alvi, Y., Rosen, D., Lav, M. & Tao, A. R. 2013. Designer nanojunctions: orienting shaped nanoparticles within polymer thin-film nanocomposites. Chemical Communications, 49, 4382-4384.

Gao, W., Feng, X. M., Pei, A., Gu, Y. E., Li, J. X. & Wang, J. 2013. Seawater-driven magnesium based Janus micromotors for environmental remediation. Nanoscale, 5, 4696-4700.

Han, J. K., Hannah, M. E., Piquette, A., Talbot, J. B., Mishra, K. C. & McKittrick, J. 2013. Europium-Activated KSrPO4-(Ba,Sr)(2)SiO4 Solid Solutions as Color-Tunable Phosphors for Near-UV Light-Emitting Diode Applications. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 96, 1526-1532.

Hu, C. M. J., Fang, R. H., Copp, J., Luk, B. T. & Zhang, L. F. 2013. A biomimetic nanosponge that absorbs pore-forming toxins. Nature Nanotechnology, 8, 336-340.

Kong, S. D., Sartor, M., Hu, C. M. J., Zhang, W. Z., Zhang, L. F. & Jin, S. H. 2013. Magnetic field activated lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles for stimuli-responsive drug release. Acta Biomaterialia, 9, 5447-5452.

Lux, C. D. & Almutairi, A. 2013. Intramolecular Cyclization for Stimuli-Controlled Depolymerization of Polycaprolactone Particles Leading to Disassembly and Payload Release. ACS Macro Letters, 2, 432-435.

Meluzzi, D. & Arya, G. 2013. Recovering ensembles of chromatin conformations from contact probabilities. Nucleic Acids Research, 41, 63-75.

Meyers, M. A., Mckittrick, J. & Chen, P. Y. 2013. Structural Biological Materials: Critical Mechanics-Materials Connections. Science, 339, 773-779.

Sonnenberg, A., Marciniak, J. Y., Mccanna, J., Krishnan, R., Rassenti, L., Kipps, T. J. & Heller, M. J. 2013. Dielectrophoretic isolation and detection of cfc-DNA nanoparticulate biomarkers and virus from blood. Electrophoresis, 34, 1076-1084.

Verde, M. G., Carroll, K. J., Wang, Z. Y., Sathrum, A. & Meng, Y. S. 2013. Achieving high efficiency and cyclability in inexpensive soluble lead flow batteries. Energy & Environmental Science, 6, 1573-1581.

Xu, P. F., Hung, A. M., Noh, H. & Cha, J. N. 2013. Switchable Nanodumbbell Probes for Analyte Detection. Small, 9, 228-232.

Yoon, I., Baker, S. E., Kim, K., Wang, Y. M., Esener, S. C. & Sirbuly, D. J. 2013. Profiling the evanescent field of nanofiber waveguides using self-assembled polymer coatings. Nanoscale, 5, 552-555.

Read more…

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Oxford University Press e-books for Math & Physics

More 2013 e-books from Oxford Scholarship Online are now available to UCSD. We have purchased a total of over 80 math e-books from Oxford University Press + over 210 physics e-books stretching back to publication year 2000.

Some of the newest titles include:

  • Concentration Inequalities: A Nonasymptotic Theory of Independence by Stéphane Boucheron, Gábor Lugosi, Pascal Massart

  • The Theory of Materials Failure by Richard M. Christensen

  • The Quantum Divide: Why Schrödinger’s Cat is Either Dead or Alive by Christopher C. Gerry and Kimberley M. Bruno

  • Einstein’s Physics: Atoms, Quanta, and Relativity – Derived, Explained, and Appraised by Ta-Pei Cheng

  • The Theory of Intermolecular Forces by Anthony Stone

We welcome purchase suggestions for electronic or print books – please contact your science subject specialists or fill out the purchase recommendation form.

For a list of physical science & engineering e-book collections that UCSD has purchased 0r licensed, see

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ChemDraw App for iPad

This week, PerkinElmer (formerly CambridgeSoft) released the first ChemDraw app for iPad.  You can purchase it from the iTunes store for $10.

Some early comments about the app:

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MIT Press E-Books Now Available Via IEEE Xplore

UCSD now has access to more than 450 ebook titles from MIT Press, available on the IEEE Xplore platform. This includes titles from the 1970’s through this year, plus a handful of pre-1970 titles. The purchase also includes 40 new titles published in 2013. These cover engineering topics for the most part, with an emphasis on computing, but there are also general math and engineering titles as well as books covering social aspects of computing and technology.  All these e-books are listed in the catalog, but here’s a sampling of recent titles you may now read online:

Purchase of this e-book collection was made possible through the funds provided from the following UCSD Library endowments:

  • Maryann and Don Lyle Collection Endowment for Engineering
  • Engineering 25th Anniversary Endowment
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Memorial Weekend Hours

Memorial Day weekend hours for Science & Engineering Library in Geisel building are:

  • Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 5:45 pm
  • Monday   12 Noon – Midnight
    (note: The Biomedical Library is closed on Memorial Day.)
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Origami contest winners

S&E’s origami contest was a success!  The entries were impressive, all of them showing skill and creativity.  You can see photos of all the entries here.

Grand Prize — Sarah Oliason for “Dimpled Model with Curls”

Applications Category — Laura Widholm for “Hidden Heart Box”

Open Category
1st Place — Nick Oldberg for Dodecahedron with Five Equilateral Pyramids on Each Pentagonal Face”
2nd Place — Sarah Oliason for “Dimpled Model with Curls”
3rd Place — Laura Widholm for “Florist’s Dozen”
Honorable Mention — Hyunjin Cha for “Many Roses”
Librarian’s Favorite — Julie Dang for “Book Owl”

Original Category
1st Place — Anna Ly for “Blue Heart”
2nd Place — Reiney Adams for “Rorschach Origami 2: 1 Blind Mouse and the Farmer’s Wife”
3rd Place — Lynne Swerhone for “Diving Penguin”


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