Recent UCSD NanoEngineering Publications

Recent articles from the UC San Diego Department of NanoEngineering:

Acharya, C. K., Jiang, F. C., Liao, C. H., Fitzgerald, P., Vecchio, K. S. & Cattolica, R. J. 2013. Tar and CO2 removal from simulated producer gas with activated carbon and charcoal. Fuel Processing Technology, 106, 201-208.

Gao, B., Alvi, Y., Rosen, D., Lav, M. & Tao, A. R. 2013. Designer nanojunctions: orienting shaped nanoparticles within polymer thin-film nanocomposites. Chemical Communications, 49, 4382-4384.

Gao, W., Feng, X. M., Pei, A., Gu, Y. E., Li, J. X. & Wang, J. 2013. Seawater-driven magnesium based Janus micromotors for environmental remediation. Nanoscale, 5, 4696-4700.

Han, J. K., Hannah, M. E., Piquette, A., Talbot, J. B., Mishra, K. C. & McKittrick, J. 2013. Europium-Activated KSrPO4-(Ba,Sr)(2)SiO4 Solid Solutions as Color-Tunable Phosphors for Near-UV Light-Emitting Diode Applications. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 96, 1526-1532.

Hu, C. M. J., Fang, R. H., Copp, J., Luk, B. T. & Zhang, L. F. 2013. A biomimetic nanosponge that absorbs pore-forming toxins. Nature Nanotechnology, 8, 336-340.

Kong, S. D., Sartor, M., Hu, C. M. J., Zhang, W. Z., Zhang, L. F. & Jin, S. H. 2013. Magnetic field activated lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles for stimuli-responsive drug release. Acta Biomaterialia, 9, 5447-5452.

Lux, C. D. & Almutairi, A. 2013. Intramolecular Cyclization for Stimuli-Controlled Depolymerization of Polycaprolactone Particles Leading to Disassembly and Payload Release. ACS Macro Letters, 2, 432-435.

Meluzzi, D. & Arya, G. 2013. Recovering ensembles of chromatin conformations from contact probabilities. Nucleic Acids Research, 41, 63-75.

Meyers, M. A., Mckittrick, J. & Chen, P. Y. 2013. Structural Biological Materials: Critical Mechanics-Materials Connections. Science, 339, 773-779.

Sonnenberg, A., Marciniak, J. Y., Mccanna, J., Krishnan, R., Rassenti, L., Kipps, T. J. & Heller, M. J. 2013. Dielectrophoretic isolation and detection of cfc-DNA nanoparticulate biomarkers and virus from blood. Electrophoresis, 34, 1076-1084.

Verde, M. G., Carroll, K. J., Wang, Z. Y., Sathrum, A. & Meng, Y. S. 2013. Achieving high efficiency and cyclability in inexpensive soluble lead flow batteries. Energy & Environmental Science, 6, 1573-1581.

Xu, P. F., Hung, A. M., Noh, H. & Cha, J. N. 2013. Switchable Nanodumbbell Probes for Analyte Detection. Small, 9, 228-232.

Yoon, I., Baker, S. E., Kim, K., Wang, Y. M., Esener, S. C. & Sirbuly, D. J. 2013. Profiling the evanescent field of nanofiber waveguides using self-assembled polymer coatings. Nanoscale, 5, 552-555.

Gu, Y. G., Sattayasamitsathit, S., Jia, W. Z., Kaufmann, K., Wang, C. M. & Wang, J. 2013. High-Power Low-Cost Tissue-Based Biofuel Cell. Electroanalysis, 25, 838-844.

Hu, C. M. J., Fang, R. H., Luk, B. T., Chen, K. N. H., Carpenter, C., Gao, W. W., Zhang, K. & Zhang, L. F. 2013. ‘Marker-of-self’ functionalization of nanoscale particles through a top-down cellular membrane coating approach. Nanoscale, 5, 2664-2668.

Ibsen, S., Zahavy, E., Wrasidlo, W., Hayashi, T., Norton, J., Su, Y. X., Adams, S. & Esener, S. 2013. Localized In Vivo Activation of a Photoactivatable Doxorubicin Prodrug in Deep Tumor Tissue. Photochemistry and Photobiology, 89, 698-708.

Lee, J. W., Kim, K. J., Kang, K. S., Chen, S. C., Rhie, J. W. & Cho, D. W. 2013. Development of a bone reconstruction technique using a solid free-form fabrication (SFF)-based drug releasing scaffold and adipose-derived stem cells. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 101A, 1865-1875.

Meng, Y. S. & Arroyo-De Dompablo, M. E. 2013. Recent Advances in First Principles Computational Research of Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries. Accounts of Chemical Research, 46, 1171-1180.

Orozco, J., Cortes, A., Cheng, G. Z., Sattayasamitsathit, S., Gao, W., Feng, X. M., Shen, Y. F. & Wang, J. 2013. Molecularly Imprinted Polymer-Based Catalytic Micromotors for Selective Protein Transport. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135, 5336-5339.

Porter, M. M., Mckittrick, J. & Meyers, M. A. 2013. Biomimetic Materials by Freeze Casting. JOM, 65, 720-727.

Sattayasamitsathit, S., Gu, Y. E., Kaufmann, K., Jia, W. Z., Xiao, X. Y., Rodriguez, M., Minteer, S., Cha, J., Burckel, D. B., Wang, C. M., Polsky, R. & Wang, J. 2013. Highly ordered multilayered 3D graphene decorated with metal nanoparticles. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 1, 1639-1645.

Yoon, I., Baker, S. E., Kim, K., Fischer, N. O., Heineck, D., Wang, Y. M., Esener, S. C. & Sirbuly, D. J. 2013. Nanofiber Near-Field Light-Matter Interactions for Enhanced Detection of Molecular Level Displacements and Dynamics. Nano Letters, 13, 1440-1445.

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