Science of Synthesis 4.0 Released

(Contact Teri Vogel if you have questions about using Science of Synthesis)

Thieme has launched their new Science of Synthesis (SoS) 4.0 platform.  It has been redesigned with a new interface and added content. Until Jan 31, 2014, you’ll be able to access the old and new platforms before the SoS 3.10 platform is retired.

Interface Changes

  • Newly designed interface with improved search functionality, allowing you to quickly enter a (sub-)structure or term. For search hints, click the blue ‘i’ icon.
  • Filtering of results by the following options: Structure search – reactant, catalyst, product  and Text search – title, content, and references
  • Saving of personal queries and search results in a MySoS account
  • Citation export as well as enhanced print and export functionalities (available in RIS, RefWorks, BibTex and plain text format)

New Content

  • Addition of ten new updated volumes in synthetic methodology
  • The launch of the Science of Synthesis Reference Library online, including the following new volumes:
    • Stereoselective Synthesis Vols. 1-3
    • Asymetric Organocatalysis Vols. 1-2
    • Water in Organic Synthesis

About Science of Synthesis

Science of Synthesis offers critical reviews of the best organic and organometallic synthetic methods, providing full-text descriptions of organic transformations, synthetic methods, and experimental procedures, with bibliographies that link out to the referenced journal articles.

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