Science of Synthesis Workshop – April 17

The Science & Engineering Library is delighted to host this training session for Science of Synthesis.

Thieme’s Science of Synthesis is one of the core resources for the synthetic chemist, a critical collection of synthetic methods in organic and organometallic chemistry that highlight the highest quality and most relevant experimental procedures in great detail.

Up to 28 (and counting) volumes, Science of Synthesis is searchable by bibliographic information, reaction details and substance information–including structures. It also serves as a bridge to the entire Houben-Weyl archive, your gateway to the synthetic literature going back over 150 years.

Trainer: Michael Poynter, Thieme
For: Interested faculty, staff and students
When: Tuesday, April 17, 9:15-10:15am (with 20 minutes for Q&A)
Where: CLICS (Revelle Plaza), room 264

RSVP is encouraged. For more information contact

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