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Are you getting the most benefit from the Science of Synthesis online reference work in synthetic methodology?

Learn about the powerful search and navigation capabilities available in Science of Synthesis and how this toolbox of evaluated synthetic methods can save you time and help you work more efficiently.

Graduate organic chemist 101: How Science of Synthesis will help me as I embark on my research career in synthetic chemistry.
Mon, August 24, 10-11am

Science of Synthesis is a unique combination of a reaction database and authoritative advanced textbook offering reviews of the whole field of organic and organometallic synthetic chemistry. Use Science of Synthesis to review your area of research and save hours of wasted lab time by finding quality assured synthetic methods that are known to work reliably and in high yield.

Introduction to browsing and searching in Science of Synthesis
Thurs, Sept 10, 10-11am

Locating critically evaluated synthetic methods and full experimental procedures for a functional group transformation using:

* Reaction search
* Full-text search
* Name reaction search

The reaction search module will demonstrate atom mapping and chemoselective searching.

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