SciFinder Enhancements, Improvements for Spring 2010

CAS is rolling out some the following enhancements (major and minor) for SciFinder Web this month.  You can get an overview of these enhancements (What’s New in SciFinder and How to Use the New Features in SciFinder) or sign up for a “Exploring What’s New in SciFinder” e-seminar. Check the SciFinder Training calendar for dates and registration.

  • Copy and paste ChemDraw structures into the SciFinder structure/reaction editor; more keyboard shortcuts have also been added to the editor.
  • New “find additional reactions” option that will locate additional preparations and literature references in Chemical Abstracts.
  • Limit/refine reaction searches by non-participating functional groups.
  • The “commercially available” icon appears next to all applicable structures in the reaction results display.
  • Identify preferred and non-preferred commercial suppliers; all suppliers will still display, but you can now control the sorting order.
  • Combine a saved answer set with an active answer set, instead of having to combine 2 saved sets.
  • Export references using the .ris format, which will allow you to directly export your references into EndNote if it’s installed on your computer (instead of saving as a tagged text file and then importing into EndNote).
  • Improved PDF views of saved citations for printing.
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