SDSC’s Gupta Co-Authors E-Book: Managing Event Data

A new book, Managing Event Information: Modeling, Retrieval, and Applications, written by SDSC researcher Amarnath Gupta; and Ramesh Jain, a Donald Bren Professor in Information and Computer Sciences at UC Irvine, was recently published by Morgan and Claypool and is available as an e-book through the UC San Diego Libraries. It is part of the publisher’s Synthesis Lectures on Data Management series, all available as e-books through the UC San Diego Libraries.
The book addresses the exponential increase in data generation, thanks to the proliferation of citizen reporting, smart mobile devices, and social media. A significant portion of this data, called “event information” by the authors, is comprised of multimedia data, through which users share their experiences with a wider audience.
“In this book we explore a systematic information modeling and management framework that is necessary to capture this widely heterogeneous, and potentially very large, outlay of information produced by many different people,” said Gupta, who is currently studying emerging information systems, notably the impact of high-performance computing platforms such as the systems at SDSC to assist in solving information systems problems.”

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