S&E Collections Consolidation Update

From Martha Hruska, Associate University Librarian for Collection Services

While we had proposed the possibility of moving some of our science collections, we have decided that what makes the most sense at this juncture and for the next year, at least, is to keep the Engineering and Physical Sciences collections in the Geisel Library building. The Biomedical Library building will continue to house the high-use collections that support the Division of Biological Sciences, School of Medicine, and the Skaggs School of Pharmacy. This will give us time to construct, deploy, and gain experience with the new compact shelving in Geisel.

Next spring, after compact shelving has been mounted in Geisel Library to accommodate the Scripps Library collections, the Scripps Oceanographic and Physical Sciences materials will be consolidated into the Geisel Library collections, which reflects the wishes of the Scripps community.  [source]

Thank you to everyone who sent feedback. We continue to welcome all comments (concerns, questions, etc.)

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