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You can read the Science & Engineering Library Blog by subscribing to the RSS feed. With RSS, you can keep up with frequently-updated web sites like blogs and news sites, and even get your search alerts from databases like Web of Science.

The S&E Library feed: To subscribe:

  1. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need an RSS reader. Use the reader to select the feeds that interest you. The reader will retrieve the new content as it’s added to the blog or website, and then you skim the articles for the ones you want to read. There are readers you install on your computer, web-based readers like Bloglines and Google Reader that you can subscribe to and then access from any computer, or you can use the web browser itself as a reader (like Firefox’s “Live Bookmarks” feature).
  2. Once you have an RSS reader, then you subscribe to the feeds you want to read. It’s often as simple as clicking ‘Add’ or ‘Subscribe’ in your reader, then copying and pasting the feed address (URL) as instructed.

Sites that offer feeds often indicate this by using buttons like xml, rss or , or use text like “RSS Feeds” or “Syndicate This Site” to get your attention. Most browsers now have an autodetection feature to alert you when you’re on a site with available feeds by displaying an RSS icon at the end of the address bar. If you want to receive the RSS updates by email instead, you can use a service like Shoot the Breeze.

To find more RSS feeds and podcasts for science and engineering, including feeds for library resources like journals and research databases, start with our list of recommended RSS feeds.

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