UCSD gets high rankings from NRC for Doctoral programs

UCSD ranks 2nd (behind Berkeley) in the top comprehensive public universities in overall quality due to the number and ranking of our individual doctoral departments and programs. UCSD got an overall rank of 11th place on the combined public and private comprehensive universities list. The Bioengineering department received a #1 ranking, as did Biology and Oceanography/Atmospheric Sciences at SIO. Other top rated physical science & engineering departments include:

  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering #11
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry #13
  • Mathematics #13
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering #14
  • Materials Science #14
  • Computer Science and Engineering #16

For more information, read the UCSD press release and the National Research Council’s Data-Based Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs at http://www.nap.edu/rdp.

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