Recent Articles from UCSD Math Faculty

Recent publications from the UC San Diego Department of Math faculty:

BEJENARU, I., IONESCU, A., KENIG, C. & TATARU, D. 2013. Equivariant Schrödinger maps in two spatial dimensions. Duke Mathematical Journal, 162, 1967-2025.

BUSS, S. & MINNES, M. 2013. Probalistic algorithmic randomness. Journal of Symbolic Logic, 78, 579-601.

DODGE, J. & POPESCU, C. D. 2013. The refined Coates-Sinnott conjecture for characteristic p global fields. Journal of Number Theory, 133, 2047-2065.

DOWLA, A., PAPARODITIS, E. & POLITIS, D. N. 2013. Local block bootstrap inference for trending time series. Metrika, 76, 733-764.

DUANE, A., GARSIA, A. M. & ZABROCKI, M. 2013. A new “dinv” arising from the two part case of the shuffle conjecture. Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, 37, 683-715.

EBENFELT, P. 2013. Partial rigidity of degenerate CR embeddings into spheres. Advances in Mathematics, 239, 72-96.

FIALKOW, L. & NIE, J. W. 2013. On the closure of positive flat moment matricies. Journal of Operator Theory, 69, 257-277.

GOUR, G. & WALLACH, N. R. 2013. Classification of Multipartite Entanglement of All Finite Dimensionality. Physical Review Letters, 111.

HAGLUND, J., MASON, S. & REMMEL, J. 2013. Properties of the nonsymmetric Robinson-Schensted-Knuth algorithm. Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, 38, 285-327.

HOLST, M., SZYPOWSKI, R. & ZHU, Y. R. 2013. Two-grid methods for semilinear interface problems. Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, 29, 1729-1748.

KOICHU, B., HAREL, G. & MANASTER, A. 2013. Ways of thinking associated with mathematics teachers’ problem posing in the context of division of fractions. Instructional Science, 41, 681-698.

MARIAN, A. & OPREA, D. 2013. Generic strange duality for K3 surfaces. Duke Mathematical Journal, 162, 1463-1501.

MATHER, W. H., HASTY, J., TSIMRING, L. S. & WILLIAMS, R. J. 2013. Translational Cross Talk in Gene Networks. Biophysical Journal, 104, 2564-2572.

MCLEAN, J. S., LOMBARDO, M. J., BADGER, J. H., EDLUND, A., NOVOTNY, M., YEE-GREENBAUM, J., VYAHHI, N., HALL, A. P., YANG, Y., DUPONT, C. L., ZIEGLER, M. G., CHITSAZ, H., ALLEN, A. E., YOOSEPH, S., TESLER, G., PEVZNER, P. A., FRIEDMAN, R. M., NEALSON, K. H., VENTER, J. C. & LASKEN, R. S. 2013. Candidate phylum TM6 genome recovered from a hospital sink biofilm provides genomic insights into this uncultivated phylum. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110, E2390-E2399.

MEYER, D. A. & WONG, T. G. 2013. Nonlinear quantum search using the Gross-Pitaevskii equation. New Journal of Physics, 15, 063014.

POLITIS, D. N. 2013. Model-free model-fitting and predictive distributions. Test, 22, 183-221.

ZHAO, Y. X., KWAN, Y. Y., CHE, J. W., LI, B. & MCCAMMON, J. A. 2013. Phase-field approach to implicit solvation of biomolecules with Coulomb-field approximation. Journal of Chemical Physics, 139.

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