Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology

The Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology (WECB) is now available to the UC San Diego community.

Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology (WECB) is the only major reference resource devoted to the cross-disciplinary field of chemical biology. The articles in WECB, contributed by world-class authors, are designed to

  • illuminate the crucial role of chemistry and chemical techniques in the life sciences
  • support the information needs of researchers in the field of chemical biology
  • provide relevant and readily accessible information to upper-level students and to scientists in adjacent disciplines

WECB combines the most useful features of traditional reference works and review journals in a compelling format designed to exploit the full potential of the online medium. Extensive linking to the primary literature and to other online resources further enhances the value of the encyclopedia as a gateway to the broader scientific literature.

In WECB, you’ll find articles on topics in biomaterials, biotechnology, chemical biology of disease, pharmacology/drug discovery, lipids, natural products, nucleic acids, proteins, chemical biology of cellular compartments, chemical views of biology, chemistry of biological processes and systems, synthetic molecules, and technologies and techniques in chemical biology.

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