Wiley Online Reference Works (materials, combustion, fuel cells, organic chemistry)

The S&E Library recently purchased these online handbooks and encyclopedias from Wiley Online Library.

  • Characterization of Materials
    Comprehensive coverage of materials characterization. It covers techniques including computational and theoretical methods, as well as crystallography, mechanical testing, thermal analysis, optical imaging and spectroscopy, and more. Among the methods covered: X-ray powder diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, high strain rate testing, and deep level transient spectroscopy.
  • Handbook of Combustion
    First complete, in-depth reference work on energy-efficient combustion. The contents range from an up-to-date presentation of gas, liquid and solid combustion, via pollutant formation and new technologies to combustion diagnostics and safety. Same topics: modelling of combustion processes, CO2 formation and capture, biomass and waste as fuels, and catalytic combustion.
  • Handbook of Fuel Cells
    The fundamentals, principles and the current state-of-the-art in fuel cells. Themes include Fundamentals and Survey of Systems, Fuel Cell Electrocatalysis, Fuel Cell Technology and Applications, and Advances in Electrocatalysis, Materials, Diagnostics and Durability.
  • Comprehensive Organic Name Reactions and Reagents
    Covers 700 organic name reactions and reagents. Including description, reaction scheme and mechanisms, modifications since the reaction was first published, experimental procedures, applications, related reactions, and references to the journal literature.
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