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  • Why is it so COLD in here?
  • It’s always SO COLD! Why can’t they turn up the AC or turn ON the heater?
  • I am an extension student. I love reading books and library. But this library is too cold. Please could you reduce the air conditioner for us? I can’t concentrate on reading because of severe cold.
  • Restroom A/C should not be that cold. Too much energy

A shout-out to the user who submitted a suggestion in haiku form!

It’s hella cold
Why is Geisel so damn cold?
Turn down the AC

The Libraries are kept cooler (about 70 degrees) than other buildings since heat is especially damaging to books and other library materials. Also it is the temperature at which mold is less likely to be a problem. In fact there have been outbreaks of mold in both the SIO Library and the former Undergraduate Library (now CLICS) that cost thousands of dollars to clean and left parts of the collections inaccessible. Experience has taught us that studying near a window tends to be warmer. If though you notice a particular zone of the Library that is either extremely cold or hot, please report it to a Circulation Supervisor so they can let Library Facilities know and some adjustments may be made. In addition, recently due to the renovation downstairs, the construction crew going in and out of the building caused negative pressure with the doors from the mechanical spaces. The mechanical spaces are our air plenum, so it sucks air all over the place. The may be the reason for the draft you felt. The renovation should be complete by the beginning of Fall Quarter.

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