Food & Drink Policy

“No aromatic food” does no good.  People either have no common sense or completely disregard that sign.  Some of them even think crispy chicken from Tapioca Express is okay.  Please come up with a list of forbidden items (I know the restaurants aren’t going to be happy about this) or ban all food from the food court.

It would be great if all library users followed our directives regarding food in the Libraries, especially in Geisel.  But we know that will never be true – some people just don’t think they are part of the problem or they just don’t think the policies apply to them.  Since we are not willing to ban all food from being brought into the Libraries (that would cause a revolt by students), nor are we able to afford to have staff specifically tasked to go around and police this policy, we are next going to try to help the situation by trying a new signage campaign which will include some of what you have suggested.  We hope to make in clearer with these new signs what is okay and what isn’t, especially with regards to the problem of “aromatic food.”

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To whom it may concern:  Since the beginning of a new quarter (Fall 09), students are waiting in long lines in order to print out much needed articles, presentations, etc.  The old system NEVER gave such a headache and was much more efficient.  Please reconsider.  Thank you.

We hope you have found that things have now smoothed out with the new system.  Transitioning from one system to another is not easy and we know that it hasn’t been easy for all involved.  But we think things are working well now and that any long lines have dissipated.  Just as a reminder, we did, at times, have long lines with the old system too, but I know that doesn’t make the current situation any more acceptable.  You asked about returning to the old system.  This is not an option available to us.  The old system was over 8 years old and the technology and software was no longer supported. If the system failed, we would have not been able to get it up and running again.  So we had to pick a new system and the one we now have was the best we could identify among a number of choices.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience you and others have experienced and do hope that the system is now working smoothly for you.

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Staying healthy!

I love the hand sanitizing wipes. Thanks so much!

You’re welcome. We all want to stay healthy and this is one small way that might help. Look for hand sanitizer dispensers/wipes at our service desks.

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Coffee bar in/near Geisel Library?

“Myself and many others think the Geisel should have a coffee/tea/snack bar in or very close by the library that could give the proceeds to the library itself or other services on campus or in the community. (I think it would make a lot of money for late/long studdyers!)”

Thanks for your suggestion. We have considered a coffee/tea/snack bar in or close by the Geisel Library building for some time. When Café Roma placed a satellite coffee stand right outside Geisel on Library Walk we thought that would work, but the traffic was not consistent enough for them to stay in business. I’m not sure what their business model was, but it didn’t include late night hours, so perhaps their hours did not match up to the times people wanted coffee or snacks. Before we talk more about doing something in Geisel, we have decided to wait and see the impact of the Price Center expansion. Its our understanding that the expansion will include many new food options, some of which will be late night. So, that might just be the trick – too bad the proceeds won’t be coming to the library!

Catherine Friedman
Associate University Librarian for User Services

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Geisel Library building open until 2am

From the Suggestion Box…

“I am so happy to learn that the whole Library is now open until 2AM. Good move! This is in keeping w/higher education and support of learning.

*I and many others support 24/7 hrs. for the Library* Front desk staff were exceptionally patient and helpful. Kudos to them!”

Anthony 2/7/08

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Audio files on DAR

“There should probably be a more universal player that can be used for the audio files on DAR (not to mention a troubleshooting page accessible to
students), as it doesn’t seem to work on several people’s computers, and doesn’t explain why it won’t work.”

Unfortunately, the choice of audio players is limited by the server. The only audio player that works for DAR is the RealPlayer by Real Audio. Fortunately, you can download this player for free. We provide a link to it off of the DAR faq page,

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Messy Computers Might be Getting Worse

We read the most recent suggestion about the messy computer stations. Your response is appreciated, but the situation might be getting worse. We’ve seen computer users consuming fruit slices dripping juice, crumbling sandwiches, greasy finger food, etc. (The other day, we couldn’t even find a station that wasn’t littered with hairs, debris, or suspicious particulates; grimy table surfaces and keyboards were also a concern.) At other times it’s OK, of course, and we know it’s hard to control, but we thought we’d bring it to your attention.

While I would like to definitely remind people that food and drinks are not allowed while using a library computer, I also know there are folks who will always choose to ignore this rule and plop there Jamba Juices next to a keyboard regardless (I’d like to think karma will return with a vengeance when they spill said Jamba Juice on their own laptops). 😉

Until that ironic day, I am going to try and increase signage as to our food and drink policy. In addition, I will step up the admittedly sporadic wide own of computers. And I know things are at their worst now during finals (its tough to even find a free computer right now), but next week should give a good opportunity to go through a few bottles of windex.
Thanks for your understanding!

Some of the Computer Stations are Kind of Messy

Some of the computer stations are kind of messy (debris, hairs, litter, smudges, etc.). Of course, this is the fault of the users. rather than the library management. Even so, it might help to clean the areas a little more frequently if possible.

You’re right, the library computer stations do require regular cleaning (I’m looking at you cheeto and dorito eaters) :)
Beginning 12/11, the week after the busy final exam period, the computers throughout SSHL and the stacks will be given a proper wipedown, and in extreme cases of cheeto buildup, a blast from a high pressure washer.
Thanks for your suggestion, and please keep them coming!

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