Coffee bar in/near Geisel Library?

“Myself and many others think the Geisel should have a coffee/tea/snack bar in or very close by the library that could give the proceeds to the library itself or other services on campus or in the community. (I think it would make a lot of money for late/long studdyers!)”

Thanks for your suggestion. We have considered a coffee/tea/snack bar in or close by the Geisel Library building for some time. When Café Roma placed a satellite coffee stand right outside Geisel on Library Walk we thought that would work, but the traffic was not consistent enough for them to stay in business. I’m not sure what their business model was, but it didn’t include late night hours, so perhaps their hours did not match up to the times people wanted coffee or snacks. Before we talk more about doing something in Geisel, we have decided to wait and see the impact of the Price Center expansion. Its our understanding that the expansion will include many new food options, some of which will be late night. So, that might just be the trick – too bad the proceeds won’t be coming to the library!

Catherine Friedman
Associate University Librarian for User Services

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