Food & Drink Policy

“No aromatic food” does no good.  People either have no common sense or completely disregard that sign.  Some of them even think crispy chicken from Tapioca Express is okay.  Please come up with a list of forbidden items (I know the restaurants aren’t going to be happy about this) or ban all food from the food court.

It would be great if all library users followed our directives regarding food in the Libraries, especially in Geisel.  But we know that will never be true – some people just don’t think they are part of the problem or they just don’t think the policies apply to them.  Since we are not willing to ban all food from being brought into the Libraries (that would cause a revolt by students), nor are we able to afford to have staff specifically tasked to go around and police this policy, we are next going to try to help the situation by trying a new signage campaign which will include some of what you have suggested.  We hope to make in clearer with these new signs what is okay and what isn’t, especially with regards to the problem of “aromatic food.”

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