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Some recent suggestions/comments from the library suggestion box:

There are ants at the comptuer terminals periodical and soc sci. 1) change the food policy- create a food only area. Or 2) strictly enforce current policy
Have you noticed ants in the basement? There are attracted to food. Food should be eliminated at the library as it was enforced a few years ago.

Please report any ant sightings to the nearest service desk and we will report these to our Facilities staff. At this time, we are not going to change our food & drink policy nor increase enforcement.

Have you thought about a webcam for the raven nest? If so that would be interesting.
Yes, we have considered this – wouldn’t it be fun to have our own Molly and McGee – but in this current budget climate and with our reduced staffing, we are not exploring this at this time.

Provide a shredder please!
We will consider this.

The copy system here sucks. SDSU doesn’t charge non-Aztec users extra. But here, if you aren’t a triton you pay!!
Lots of people have had the same reaction to our price model, but in all fairness, the Libraries budget has been cut significantly over the past few years. To maintain the current printing system and to prevent our costs from rising, last year we made the unpleasant decision to charge guests of UCSD more so that we could keep the costs to UCSD community members at the same rate.

Change the policy that allows playing games on the computers for hours during finals, especially if the person is NOT A STUDENT!
Our policy is “Priority is given to those doing library research.” If all the workstations are in use, game playing is not allowed even if the person is a student. Let a staff member know and we will let the person know our policy.

Staplers and holepunchers downstairs in the ACS Lab!!!

We will forward your suggestion to ACMS, who maintain the labs.

The library proudly displayed posters against “hate” not so long ago. This past week getting to the library via “Library walk” I felt intense hate towards as a Jew. I hope the library will do its part to prevent a wall of hate & lies in the future.
We’re sorry you had that experience. Despite its name, space and events on Library Walk are administered by the campus. According to UCSD’s Policy on Speech and Advocacy, the University is committed to assuring that all persons may exercise the constitutionally protected rights of free expression, speech, assembly, and worship. The Center for Student Involvement has some suggestions for how to express your message if you disagree with the content of a student-sponsored event or program — The Libraries are strongly committed to providing and maintaining safe and welcoming spaces for all students and other library patrons. If you or anyone you know witnesses or experiences a hostile act in any of the Libraries, please notify Library staff immediately.

You can submit comments in the Suggestion Box in the Geisel Library building (between the Information and Reference Desks) or online at

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