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Some recent suggestions/comments from the library suggestion box:

Bring back the campus delivery between libraries of books! At least for grad students & professors who use and rely on Roger for this important service.

The Libraries’ decision to discontinue this service was precipitated by cuts to the Libraries’ budget. Before we made the decision, we consulted with several campus groups, including the Academic Senate Representative  Assembly, the Academic Senate Committee on the Library, and the Campus Budget Committee. While each group recognized that elimination of a service like this would create hardships for the campus community, they also recognized that the Libraries’ budget situation has forced us to make service cuts that we would otherwise not make. Our reduced budget and staffing levels require that we reduce or eliminate some services in order to retain others.  For more, please see:

Please stay open later! ♥ ♥ Some of us are night owls.

We would love to stay open later, but at this time we don’t have the funding to allow us to do so.  Please note that CLICS does stay open until 1am most nights.

How about vending machines outside? Or a “snack bar” with bottled drinks?

Thanks for the suggestion.  This has been forwarded to the head of our administrative services for consideration.

Guest have to pay too much for printing.

Others have had the same reaction to our price model, but in all fairness, the Libraries budget has been cut significantly over the past few years.  To maintain the current printing system and to prevent our costs from rising, last year we made the decision to charge guests of UCSD more so that we could keep the costs to UCSD community members at the same rate.

There are students who had exams on 4 sept yet the library was closed. How is this putting students interests 1st?? Why wasn’t it kept open even with a skeleton staff?? During exams the library is very important for studying and research even at the last moment!!

Sorry about that.  We will monitor the summer session Finals schedule more closely next time.

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