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Some recent suggestions/comments from the library suggestion box:

Hi Librarians, Please post signs telling students not to come in to work (or hang out) in the library if they are sick.  It is difficult for the rest of us to concentrate when others are constantly sniffing or sneezing or coughing all over the place.  Today (10/14) there must be at least a dozen people in here who should be working at home, or resting up to get better! I like working at the library, but I don’t want to get sick.  I figure a few prominently placed signs with little sick people logos and the message “If you have a cough or a cold, please go home, or work someplace else” would maybe do the trick. Thank you.

We know that all that noise is distracting, but even during the flu season, sniffing, sneezing and coughing is not against our Library Use and Conduct Code.  We do try to do our part by having lots of antibacterial gel around and encouraging its use.  And it’s not just library facilities that sick students should be discouraged from visiting, but other campus locations as well.  Perhaps this is something that would be more appropriate to bring up with the Health Education Staff ( at Student Health Services to see what a possible strategy might be.

More school spirit in the basement (computer lab) maybe wall decoration. Thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion – it’s something we will consider.

Students need to PRINT.  If 2-5 computers were specifically designated for printing (with a 10 minutes maximum), it would be really beneficial to the students.  The printers in the library would, subsequently, need more maintenance, but the accessibility for students would be a tremendous help.

We recognize that students do need to Print and because of that, we have printers available in every library, with four in Geisel alone.  Generally the busiest one is the one near the Info Desk near Geisel’s entrance.  If there is a line there, remember you can print using any of the print stations found elsewhere – ask at the Info Desk where the others are located.  There is usually no waiting at the one in the S&E Library.

Scratch paper box by the printers in the ACS computer lab instead of the recycle bin, and allow students to take from the scratch paper box.  (probably good to have a “take as needed” sign by the box)

Thanks for the idea. We will forward your suggestion to ACMS.

I noticed on the board someone suggested vending machines outside.  I say have vending machines INSIDE!! At least the drink one with bottled water. PLEASE it would be very much appreciated.

This is something we’re looking into, but we’ll send your additional suggestion (vending machines inside)
to our director of administrative services.

Fix the computers in the computer lab! Almost half of them are not working for almost a month!

Sorry about that.  It’s never good to have so many computers down at one time.  We’ll send your “suggestion” to ACMS.

The walls in the group study rooms on the upper floors are remarkably porous.  So on a quiet floor, conversations in the study rooms are heard easily.  How about a sign in the room: “Walls are not soundproof.  Please keep your conversations as quiet as you can.”

We know that sound bleeds out of these rooms and we actually did have signs in the rooms which more or less said what you’re saying.  We will check the rooms and repost the signs.

Elevator music.

Sorry, there’s enough noise in the building already, even in the elevators.  So, we’re not going there.  And who wants to listen to bad renditions of Beach Boys songs anyway?

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