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Stay open 24 hrs everyday (at least week days) not just for finals week. We are an internationally known top-notch university for christ’s sake.

Thanks for your emphatic suggestion.  Having Geisel ( or some part of it) staying open 24 hours during the week during the regular academic year is something we are currently investigating, but it does come down to funding.  And our funding has been cut significantly in the last few years, so starting a new service like this may be difficult.  But we do have a group looking into this – specifically 24/5 (Sunday – Thursday) and if we are able to move on the idea, you will hear about it.

 The policy of no “smelly” food in the library doesn’t work especially if there is no one to enforce it.  If that policy is to remain effect, you should have the library staff get out behind the counter and randomly patrol the area. What good is the policy if no one is going to enforce? This a problem in Geisel and Biomed. The smelly food is a nuisance to other patrons at the library.

Yes, we know it doesn’t work very well.  And due to reductions in staffing due to budget cuts and to our service priorities, we’ve decided that patrolling an 8-story building (in the case of Geisel) for “smelly” food violations is not something on which we want to spend our limited resources.  Our hope is that library users note the policy and then those who care about their fellow library users don’t violate it.  Our other option is to just remove this part of our policy and allow just about anything in, but we’re not ready to go there yet.  But if you have suggestions about how we could help with this problem without having to use staff to patrol or to police the front entrances for food policy violations, I would be happy to hear them.   Just submit them through either the regular Suggestion Box, or through our online suggestion form.  One idea that has been shared is to have students volunteer at the beginning of the Fall quarter to stand in the Geisel entrance and politely share the Libraries’ food/drink policy with new and returning library users.  Sounds like a good idea, but I’m not sure if many would volunteer for this duty.

To whom it may concern: I would like to suggest that your check-out counter librarians be given access to the logon for your computers for guest. While visiting the library this evening, the reference desk was closed, and I was told by the attendants at the Circulation Desk that the Reference Desk attendants had the guest logon for the computers, but the Circulation Desk attendants do not. It would seem reasonable that someone might want to use the computers in the evening, and therefore it would behoove your Circulation Desk librarians to have access to the logon.

Thank you for your suggestion.  It will be taken under advisement.

To whom it may concern: I visited the library today and utilizing your online catalog I searched for my topic of interest: Obama and Cuba. Result there were a # of hits but 2 of particular interest. Though the online catalogs listed them as available there were not there.  In fact the catalog sequence for either of those #’s (once you got to the 8th Floor) was showing me China as a subject. So not only were those books not there but the subject relation appeared off as well. Please help organize.

  • “Shifting the balance – Obama and the Americas” JZ 1480.A53.S55 2011 8th FL
    When searched at July 5 at 12:30pm the ROGER catalog location listed this title location as IR/PS 8th FL.  A shelf-check revealed that the book was in its correct call number order on the shelf.
  • “Obama & the Empire” E183.8.C9.C3167 8thFL
    When searched on July 5 at 12:30pm the ROGER catalog location listed this title (2011 & 2012 editions) as located on the 6th FL.  A shelf check revealed that the 2012 edition was in its correct call number order on the shelf on the 6thFL.  The 2011 edition was not found on the shelf.

Please buy more hardcopy books.  It’s difficult to read a 250 page book online/on screen if you are allowed to save only 39 pages of it.  Thanks.

Thanks for your suggestion.  We know that sometimes reading an entire book online can be difficult.  But unfortunately our licensing agreements with some publishers do restrict the amount you can download at any one time.  This is something we keep on top of all the time and is an area where we keep pressing publishers to be more flexible.  As for buying more hardcopy books, if you find there is a book that we only have in e-format and it doesn’t meet your needs, please request that we buy the hardcopy via our Purchase Recommendation form:  We will seriously consider your requests, but may not always be able to act on them.  This form is also found within Roger.

I am proud of our libraries collection of graphic literature but I would like to make a request to increase this collection of comics.  I would like to see more anthologies as well as more mainstream comics. Ps. I miss the popular reading library very much :)

Thanks for the kind words, and yes, we know that many miss the popular reading collection.  As for your request, we are trying to make good choices about the graphic literature we purchase.  If there are items you would like to see added to our collection, please make your requests via our Purchase Recommendation form: and we will seriously consider them.  This form is also found within Roger.

Accident waiting to happen. It boggles my mind how the library has the audacity to turn out the lights on the stairway upon closure around 11:45pm. Will the school be paying the potential medical bills for injuries as a result? Don’t set yourselves up!

During the Geisel Library closing procedures, a portion of the main interior lights are turned off ten minutes before closing as a visual reminder that everyone must leave the building.  All safety lighting remains on, though, so the lights in the stairways shouldn’t go out when that happens.  It’s possible that a bulb has burned out or the lights aren’t behaving properly in a particular location.  Please send more details about which stairway you mean – interior, exterior, tower, wing, etc. – so we can get it fixed.  You can submit another suggestion card, notify any Library staff person, or contact the Library Safety & Security director at – thanks!

And thank you for the kind words as well. . .
Awesome work!
Thank you so much for the plastic bags. I truly appreciate it.

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