Geisel Goes Graphic

The Geisel Goes Graphic exhibit has been extended for Fall Quarter.

No matter what term is applied, ‘Graphic Novel’, ‘Comic Book’, ’Picture Novella’, these stories have captured our imagination across generations. The Social Sciences & Humanities Library is showcasing the graphic novel in all its glory this fall.

Run, fly, or swing by the Social Sciences & Humanities Library and take in the origins of the graphic novel, how women characters in graphic novels have changed over time, the evolution of a few of our favorite characters, vote for your favorite graphic novel to big screen adaptation, and spot some popular graphic novels in other countries. While you’re there be sure to flip through some of the novels in the UCSD Libraries’ collections, or get a recommendation on a graphic novel from past Summer Reading participants. Whether you are looking for superheroes, romance, or realism, you can find it all in the graphic novel genre.

If you need a bigger graphic novel fix take your own picture with Batman and others. And for the chance to score some free stuff, let us know which one is your favorite graphic novel!

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