Guilty Pleasures Exhibit

Do you hide your graphic novel inside of your scholarly journal?  Is the latest Dean Koontz paperback in the bottom drawer of your desk stashed between your files?  Is the newest Nora Roberts novel on your laptop – just a click away from those annual reports?  These are examples of some guilty pleasures of the reading variety.

This summer the Social Sciences & Humanities Library is celebrating the cheap thrills and quick reads that bring us so much pleasure!  Our Guilty Pleasures exhibit highlights books and facts from popular genres like romance, mystery, science fiction and horror.

Visit the exhibit, located in the Social Sciences & Humanities Library reference area (Geisel Library, main floor) to:

  • Participate in the Guilty Pleasures Book Exchange (bring a book, take a book, repeat all summer long!)
  • Enter to win 1 of 3 ALA READ posters
  • Use one of the self checkout machines, located in Geisel Library lobby area, to enter to win 1 of 3 $15 Amazon gift cards

Join us in celebrating the guilty pleasure of reading! Find the “fun” books in our collections. Share your favorites with other readers. Explore new genres and discover new favorite authors.  Here’s a guide to get you started–

Participate in our book exchange

Enter to win one of these posters

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