Impact of Budget Cuts

I think it’s very vital that our university, a place of higher learning, keep places that facilitate that learning (i.e: the library) open on the weekend and late at night.  I understand there is a financial crisis, but cuts should be made elsewhere.  Not the library.

As you said, we are in a bad budgetary situation.  The situation is forcing the Libraries as well as the rest of the campus to make some unpleasant decisions.  So far we have tried to keep hours reductions to a minimum, but we have had to make cuts nonetheless.  We continue to offer weekend hours in most of our facilities and, although Geisel now closes at midnight, CLICS is still open until 1am.  We know that students are not happy about the changes we have had to make to our hours and we share your dismay.  For more about the impact of budget cuts on the Libraries, please see

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