More JTMWINTK! Workshops this month

You asked for it-now you’ve got it: more Just Tell Me What I Need To Know! workshops will be held this month.

How do I find my text book in the Library? How can I get specialized research help from a Librarian? Can I eat and drink in the Library? How do I get full text journal articles? Where can I study? This workshop will answer all of these questions and more! Come learn 10 things about the UCSD Libraries to be sure you are making the most of your time and taking advantage of all of our great services!

Location: Geisel Library, Library Classroom 1
Monday, September 21, 10am or 2pm
Tuesday, September 22, 12pm or 3pm
Wednesday, September 23, 9am or 12pm
Thursday, September 24, 11am or 12pm

October 1 (Thurs), 12:15-12:45 pm
October 14 (Wed), 3-3:30 pm
October 27 (Tues), 10-10:30 am
November 10 (Tues), 1-1:30 pm
November 12 (Thurs), 1-1:30 pm

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