Messy Computers Might be Getting Worse

We read the most recent suggestion about the messy computer stations. Your response is appreciated, but the situation might be getting worse. We’ve seen computer users consuming fruit slices dripping juice, crumbling sandwiches, greasy finger food, etc. (The other day, we couldn’t even find a station that wasn’t littered with hairs, debris, or suspicious particulates; grimy table surfaces and keyboards were also a concern.) At other times it’s OK, of course, and we know it’s hard to control, but we thought we’d bring it to your attention.

While I would like to definitely remind people that food and drinks are not allowed while using a library computer, I also know there are folks who will always choose to ignore this rule and plop there Jamba Juices next to a keyboard regardless (I’d like to think karma will return with a vengeance when they spill said Jamba Juice on their own laptops). 😉

Until that ironic day, I am going to try and increase signage as to our food and drink policy. In addition, I will step up the admittedly sporadic wide own of computers. And I know things are at their worst now during finals (its tough to even find a free computer right now), but next week should give a good opportunity to go through a few bottles of windex.
Thanks for your understanding!