To whom it may concern:  Since the beginning of a new quarter (Fall 09), students are waiting in long lines in order to print out much needed articles, presentations, etc.  The old system NEVER gave such a headache and was much more efficient.  Please reconsider.  Thank you.

We hope you have found that things have now smoothed out with the new system.  Transitioning from one system to another is not easy and we know that it hasn’t been easy for all involved.  But we think things are working well now and that any long lines have dissipated.  Just as a reminder, we did, at times, have long lines with the old system too, but I know that doesn’t make the current situation any more acceptable.  You asked about returning to the old system.  This is not an option available to us.  The old system was over 8 years old and the technology and software was no longer supported. If the system failed, we would have not been able to get it up and running again.  So we had to pick a new system and the one we now have was the best we could identify among a number of choices.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience you and others have experienced and do hope that the system is now working smoothly for you.

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