Library Cost Analysis Study

The UC San Diego Library is conducting a cost analysis of library use which may benefit the library’s budget.  Responses are anonymous and the  survey only runs 2 hours once per month from July 2012 through June 2013.

The web survey may pop up as users try to access online resources like databases, journals, e-books, etc.  The survey needs to be filled out before access to the resource is granted.

Troubleshooting tips:

For any technical problem (user trapped endlessly in survey, user completed survey but can’t access resource, user seeing survey after survey period, etc.) with the web survey, users can:

  • try a different machine or a different browser on the same computer
  • come to library and use one of our computers
  • try again after the survey period has ended

If the user would like to report a problem, please send the following information to ›

  • Ask how user reached survey (which requested resource used).
  • ›Ask if completed required fields (classification & purpose of use).
  • ›Determine user location (in library, on-campus but not in library, off-campus).
  • ›If off-campus, ask if using proxy or VPN.
  • ›Ask for user’s operating system name & version
  • Ask for name & version of browser being used
  • Ask if user has enabled cookies


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