Geisel Library Welcome Week Tours

The Geisel Library Building contains 4 of the 9 UC San Diego libraries: Arts, Mandeville Special Collections, Science & Engineering, and Social Sciences & Humanities.

  1. Visit the building and find all 9 tour spots
  2. Read about the tour location and answer the question
  3. Enter your answers to enter the raffle
  4. Win awesome prizes! Prizes include: 1 iPod shuffle, 5 $15 gift cards, 5 $20 Trader Joe’s gift cards, and 5 $20 Target gift cards.

Pick up a tour handout at the entrance of the Geisel Library Building during Welcome Week (starting 9/20). Have questions? Contact us!

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Mysteries of the Geisel Library Uncovered!

Take a tour of the Geisel Library and uncover some of the best places to study, relax, and get work done. You’ll also get tips on how to use the library and the library’s website to optimize your research & study experience. After the tour, take a break, enjoy some refreshments, mingle, and enter to win an ipod!
Location: Geisel Library, Main Entrance

  • Monday, September 22, 11-12:00 or 1-2:00 or 2-3:00 or 3-4:00pm
    Tuesday, September 23, 11-12:00 or 1-2:00 or 2-3:00 or 3-4:00pm
    Wednesday, September 24, 11-12:00 or 1-2:00 or 2-3:00 or 3-4:00pm
    Thursday, September 25, 11-12:00 or 1-2:00 or 2-3:00 or 3-4:00pm
    Friday, September 26, 11-12:00pm
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