Geisel Collections Consolidation Update (Fall 2014)

Over the last year, the Library has continued to work on integrating the print materials in the Geisel Library Building. This work began in the summer of 2011, when the Library embarked on a multi-year effort to accommodate our smaller campus footprint and to consolidate our print collections from the former Arts, IR/PS, Science & Engineering, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Social Sciences & Humanities libraries. Most recently, a great deal of this work has involved the removal of duplicate runs of journals from the formerly separate collections, and determining the shelf space that will be needed to accommodate ongoing growth of the print collections.

Our chief goal in this effort has been to retain in the Geisel and Biomedical Library buildings the materials that are most actively used and needed to support current instruction and research. The Geisel Library building now holds a total of more than 22,600 print journal titles and 355,500 print journal (de-duplicated) volumes.

Transfer of Low Use Journals to Miramar Road Storage Annex

This coming year, our efforts will focus on freeing up space for future growth in the Geisel building. In order to accomplish this, we are planning to move pre-1990 bound print journal volumes in the humanities and social sciences to the Miramar Road Storage Annex. In 2012, you may recall, we moved pre-1990 print journal volumes in the sciences to the Annex. We estimate that this effort will allow us to maintain the book collections currently housed in Geisel and provide us with 4-5 years of space for future growth of monograph collections in most subject areas.

The pre-1990 journal volumes were selected for this move after we analyzed usage statistics of the print journals. This analysis confirmed that older print journal volumes are the Library’s largest category of low-use materials.

To ensure that faculty members and other users have quick access to these materials, we have developed a service model to make available materials stored offsite within one business day of being requested.

Electronic Journal Backfile Purchases

While our analysis of usage statistics indicates low use of pre-1990 print journals, by contrast, usage of online journals is both substantial and growing. Therefore, over the last few years, we have made it a priority to increase the number of digital journal backfiles available. Some of the backfiles now available online include those from: Cambridge University Press (more than 250 titles, 1770-present); DeGruyter (36 titles, 1877-present); National Geographic (1881-present); Sage (79 titles); and Wiley (select title backfiles, 1841-2004). In addition, we’ve loaded the Vogue Archive from 1892 to the present), and our JSTOR holdings provide extensive online access to more than 2,000 journals in the humanities, social sciences, and life and physical sciences. These JSTOR collections include complete archives of these journals, beginning at the first volume and issue of the journal and extending up to a publication date usually set in the past three to five years.

This fall, we plan to begin the move of the pre-1990 volumes—approximately 12,000 print journal titles in the general humanities and social sciences—to the Miramar Road Storage Annex. We expect to have this transfer of materials completed by summer 2015. Once at the Annex, these volumes may be requested online and will be made available within one business day. Additionally, this fall, we will be installing a digital scanner at our Miramar Road location in order to send scans of articles to our users directly, via email.

Questions or Comments? Please Send Us Your Feedback!

While our ability to accommodate continuing collections growth in the Geisel Library depends on our implementing this move of lower-use material, we recognize that some faculty may have concerns about these materials moving offsite. If you have such concerns or if there are certain titles you feel need to be retained in the Geisel Library building, please feel free to contact us directly or provide us your feedback at: