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Last additions - LA PAZ II
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Feb 18, 2006
Cesar Chavez was ready, and invited us in.Feb 18, 2006
April 1972 strategy conference in Santa Barbara break time - Al Rojas and Philip Vera Cruz.Feb 18, 2006
Awaiting post-conference barbeque: Paulino Pacheco, Gilbert Padilla, and Richard Chavez.Feb 18, 2006
And when Cesar and Dolores started telling stories, everyone gathered around: Jan Peterson, Al Rojas, Richard Chavez, Joey Rubio, Dolores Huerta, Frank Ortiz, Jim Drake's left shoulder, Jessica Govea, Marshall Ganz, Susan Drake's right knee, and Cesar.Feb 18, 2006
Jerry Cohen making a point. (Note: attendees entering with cigarettes have been shamed.)Feb 18, 2006
Rosa Lopez started working in the fields at age 13, went on strike, joined the union, and came on staff.Feb 18, 2006
In 1972, Rosa was a keypunch operator in the La Paz data processing unit.Feb 18, 2006
Cold, but still able to sing the mananitas for Cesar Chavez.Feb 18, 2006
Mananitas for Cesar Chavez on March 31, 1972 and it was cold at 6:00 AM.Feb 18, 2006
Community lunch - John Gibson, Maria Rifo, and Ruth Clark.Feb 18, 2006
"What's this?"Feb 18, 2006
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