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HUB SEGUR 047.jpg
Friday night meetings in Filipino Hall were always an event: the RFK poster was second only to the "Black Eagle."Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 048.jpg
Dolores Huerta brings the workers and supporters up-to-date on union activities.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 049.jpg
Petra Saludado of Earlimart and the Toronto Boycott sampled the first of the union label grapes.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 041.jpg
The L.A. Safeway campaign was based in the Hobart House.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 042.jpg
Creative non-violence: the human billboards of Los Angeles.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 043.jpg
San Fernando Valley Boycott Office - my new home.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 044.jpg
A vandalized cross at Forty Acres had purposely not been restored.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 045.jpg
Very few NFWA remnants were still evident.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 036.jpg
Andy ImutanFeb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 037.jpg
Pete Velasco working the Fiesta Campesina, Spartan Stadium, San Jose State.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 038.jpg
Leo, another roomie, and his brother.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 039.jpg
Catilino Tachilbon: farmworker, boycotter, roomie in L.A.Feb 16, 2006
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