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HUB SEGUR 022.jpg
At the end of the day, the march banners were carefully collected and stored.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 023.jpg
The singing of "De Colores" at the conclusion of the mass on Saturday morning: Alfredo Vazquez, Amalia Uribe, Pete Velasco.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 024.jpg
Two local women join the morning mass before marching.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 025.jpg
Father Mark Day at morning mass, Maria Esquival and the Virgin banner join him.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 016.jpg
"The Hole" was the traditional labor contracting area.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 017.jpg
The march concluded at "The Hole" in Calexico on the Mexico border.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 018.jpg
Augie Lira brought his talents to the Brawley rally.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 019.jpg
Dolores Huerta spoke of the importance of the march in an evening rally in Brawley.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 020.jpg
Four part harmony - Lupe Murguia, Alfredo Figueroa, Mark Day and Paul EspinozaFeb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 011.jpg
Irene Reyes of the Coachella office registering new union members.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 012.jpg
Marshall Ganz and Tony Lopez explaining the new union contracts to Coachella grape workers.Feb 16, 2006
HUB SEGUR 013.jpg
With a flat-bed truck as a podium Ted Kennedy's inspiring remarks demonstrated the continuing Kennedy commitment.Feb 16, 2006
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