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And when Cesar and Dolores started telling stories, everyone gathered around: Jan Peterson, Al Rojas, Richard Chavez, Joey Rubio, Dolores Huerta, Frank Ortiz, Jim Drake's left shoulder, Jessica Govea, Marshall Ganz, Susan Drake's right knee, and Cesar.426 views
December 1970 - Philip Vera Cruz, Larry Itliong, and Dolores Huerta at the county jail.403 views
Dolores Huerta addresses a rally with Jerry Cohen and Larry Itliong365 views
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Coretta joined Jessica Govea and Dolores Huerta in singing, "De Colores" in the community dining room.290 views
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After Mass, folks relax in the sun: Cesar Chavez, Jacques Levy, Anna Chavez, Linda Chavez, Becky Chavez274 views
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Summer of 1972 - Terry Drinkwater interviews Cesar Chavez for CBS. (L-R): Cesar Chavez, Marshall Ganz, Anna Puharich, Susan Drake, and Terry Drinkwater.272 views
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Coretta King made time to talk with La Paz's teenagers: Lupe Padilla, Becky Chavez, Susie Chavez, Anna Santos, and Elizabeth Chavez.264 views
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Dolores Huerta was Coretta's host during the visit. Anita Bennett attended Mrs. King.264 views
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The concluding rally was held in Calexico. Identifiable are Senator Ralph Yarborough, Pete Velasco, Irene Reyes, Jim Drake and Amalia Uribe260 views
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The singing of "De Colores" at the conclusion of the mass on Saturday morning: Alfredo Vazquez, Amalia Uribe, Pete Velasco.259 views
La Paz, 1972, Administration Building - "slant 6's" in the parking lot.256 views
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Dolores Huerta brings the workers and supporters up-to-date on union activities.255 views
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